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January 30, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

So you know you want to have your photos taken and you find the right photographer for the job (hopefully its me!) but now what? I thought that in this week’s blog I would talk about good tips to get the most out of your photo session. Hiring a photographer to capture quality images is an investment so here a few things you can do to get the best photos.


  • Arrive for you session hydrated, fed and rested. This is especially true for children. I want you to enjoy your photo experience and have fun! It may even be a good idea to pack a small snack or bribe for kids –smarties, granola bar or cereal are good options (anything that will not stain the mouth area or make a mess).
  • Pamper yourself! If you are planning a haircut make sure to do so 1-2 weeks in advance. Next, you want to have smooth, healthy looking skin. You could do an at home sugar scrub to remove any dry skin. It is also good to start moisturizing a week before the session –focus on arms, neck, face, hands and anywhere you’ll be exposed to the camera. Clean up those eyebrows or stray hairs… guys want to have a fresh shave or trimmed beard and sideburns. Make sure those nails are taken care of –clean, trimmed, freshly painted if you like.  Lastly, and this one is very important, start using lip balm a few days in advance and bring some to your session for touch ups if needed. Moist lips always look better!
  • Clothing. This can vary depending on the type of session but a good rule of thumb is to wear solids and neutrals. You don’t want anything too bright that will take away from your face and you want to stay away from busy patterns. If it is a family session, there is no need to have everyone match but you do want your outfits to make sense. We don’t want Dad is a dress shirt and tie and the kids sports clothes. Don’t forget to accessorize! –layers, mixing textures, scarves, cute shoes (heels or wedges are always a plus for ladies) and jewelry. Make sure you shoes are clean!
  • Glasses: If friends and family wouldn’t recognize you without them, then you want to wear them to your session. However, the glare on your glasses can take away from your eyes in the photo so it is a good idea to remove the lenses. You could also purchase a cheap pair of frames that looks similar.
  • Ladies: If you are wearing your hair down, be prepared in case of a windy day. You may have to put your hair up quick and we still want it to look nice! Bring along bobby pins, hair clips, headbands or other accessories that you love.
  • Lastly, a few random tips. Try to avoid tan lines and sunburns, don’t have bra straps showing, and make sure clothing is lint, hair and wrinkle free.


I know it may be tough to accomplish everything mentioned here but doing any of these things will greatly improve your photo results.  All that is left is to relax, be yourself and have fun! 


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