JS Photography | Sioux Falls Photographer: Blog http://www.photographybyjs.net/blog en-us (C) JS Photography | Sioux Falls Photographer (JS Photography | Sioux Falls Photographer) Sun, 15 Jul 2018 23:34:00 GMT Sun, 15 Jul 2018 23:34:00 GMT http://www.photographybyjs.net/img/s/v-5/u919122357-o386031605-50.jpg JS Photography | Sioux Falls Photographer: Blog http://www.photographybyjs.net/blog 90 120 ELLE : Central Lyon High School >>> JS Photography Downtown Sioux Falls Senior Session http://www.photographybyjs.net/blog/2018/7/elle-central-lyon-high-school-downtown-sioux-falls-senior-session I have been trying to keep up with this weekly blogging thing but #busyseason. I had to halt my editing to get this session up asap!

Seniors girls are probably my favorite type of session! I love capturing them at this exciting time in their life.. it makes me think back to all the amazing memories I made my senior year of high school. I also enjoy giving them a good experience, having fun and making them feel beautiful.

Elle was a blast to photograph! She has amazing style and I was obsessed with all the outfits she selected and her long loose curls. She is just gorgeous and so sweet. I am so excited for the second part of her session coming up!!

This first half was focused all in downtown Sioux Falls. We first walked an alley with all the brick and fun doors for backdrop.. then moved to another location to take a few photos on some steps and next to this lovely vine covered brick building. Lastly we finished out the session near The Washington Pavilion. I can't get enough of this stunning senior girl downtown session and I hope you love it too!

Stay tuned for part two! 

Also, with August right the corner we are getting close to wrapping up the senior session bookings and starting a new school year (which seems crazy)! I do have some openings for the end of summer going into fall, if you are interested in chatting please contact me. I would love to hear from you!
senior girl in black dress standing in front of grey metal doors and brick buildingsioux-falls-area-photographer-senior-downtown-055 close up of senior girl posing for photos with JS Photography in downtown Sioux Fallssioux-falls-area-photographer-senior-downtown-056 girl standing in front of brick and red door building in alley downtown sioux falls for senior portraitssioux-falls-area-photographer-senior-downtown-057 headshot of gorgeous senior girl in downtown sioux fallssioux-falls-area-photographer-senior-downtown-058 senior girl wearing black dress sitting on a curb downtown sioux fallssioux-falls-area-photographer-senior-downtown-059 girl wearing white skirt and black shirt posing on steps and next to a pillar for senior photos with JS Photographysioux-falls-area-photographer-senior-downtown-060 senior girl in black shirt looking over her shoulder sioux-falls-area-photographer-senior-downtown-061 beautiful senior girl wearing a white skirt and black top standing at the bottom of a staircasesioux-falls-area-photographer-senior-downtown-062 senior photos next to ivy covered building downtown sioux fallssioux-falls-area-photographer-senior-downtown-063 girl wearing jeans, white top and red shoes for senior portraits outside the Washington pavilion downtown sioux falls with perfect sun flare through the dotted metal wallsioux-falls-area-photographer-senior-downtown-064 senior portraits downtown sioux falls with JS Photography, close up of gorgeous senior in white top with dotted metal wall in the backgroundsioux-falls-area-photographer-senior-downtown-065 portraits of senior girl sitting on a fountain ledge in downtown sioux fallssioux-falls-area-photographer-senior-downtown-066 sitting on the ledge of a fountain for senior photos, beautiful girl with long brunette hair wearing jeans, white top and red shoessioux-falls-area-photographer-senior-downtown-067 sioux falls senior photographer taking photos downtown by a gate with girl wearing white top and jeanssioux-falls-area-photographer-senior-downtown-068 sioux falls downtown senior photossioux-falls-area-photographer-senior-downtown-069 standing in front of the washington pavilion gate for senior photos sioux-falls-area-photographer-senior-downtown-070 sitting on steps in front of the washington pavilion for senior portraits with JS Photographysioux-falls-area-photographer-senior-downtown-071 iowa senior girl sitting on steps downtown sioux falls sioux-falls-area-photographer-senior-downtown-072 girl wearing sunglasses during senior session on steps in front of washington pavilionsioux-falls-area-photographer-senior-downtown-073 stunning portrait of senior girl sitting on steps looking off in the distance sioux-falls-area-photographer-senior-downtown-074 standing in front of brick wall for senior photossioux-falls-area-photographer-senior-downtown-075

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MELON MINIS >>> JS Photography: Sioux Falls Photographer http://www.photographybyjs.net/blog/2018/6/melon-minis-js-photography-sioux-falls-photographer I am so excited to be offering these sweet melon mini sessions! I think they are so much fun and so cute for summer! 

If you are interested in booking there are limited spots available. Sessions take place on June 28th and 29th. Contact JS Photography today to reserve your spot!

two red head brothers sitting on a vintage crate surrounded by watermelon for mini sessions with JS Photography in Sioux Falls SDsioux-falls-photographer-family-mini-summer-session-001 summer melon mini sessions with JS Photography brothers sitting on wood crate eating watermelonsioux-falls-photographer-family-mini-summer-session-002 little boy wearing overalls eating watermelon and sitting on a crate in tall grass nature area in sioux falls sdsioux-falls-photographer-family-mini-summer-session-003 tall grass nature area in sioux falls with little boy eating watermelon for mini session with JS Photographysioux-falls-photographer-family-mini-summer-session-004 boy sitting on vintage box eating watermelon in tall grass with sun glowing in the backgroundsioux-falls-photographer-family-mini-summer-session-005 boy laughing and surrounded by watermelon and tall grasssioux-falls-photographer-family-mini-summer-session-006 eating melon and smiles from little boy during JS Photography summer mini sessionssioux-falls-photographer-family-mini-summer-session-007 boy eating watermelon in tall grass nature areasioux-falls-photographer-family-mini-summer-session-008 cute boy eating watermelon during mini session with JS Photographysioux-falls-photographer-family-mini-summer-session-009 brother and sister enjoying watermelon while sitting on a crate surrounded by tall grass and trees in the backgroundsioux-falls-photographer-family-mini-summer-session-010 sweet brother and sister sharing watermelon during photoshoot sioux-falls-photographer-family-mini-summer-session-011 siblings eating watermelon during mini session in sioux falls sdsioux-falls-photographer-family-mini-summer-session-012 brother and sister eating watermelon sitting in tall grass little boy with big brown eyessioux-falls-photographer-family-mini-summer-session-013 children mini session with js photography kids eating watermelon in nature areasioux-falls-photographer-family-mini-summer-session-014

(JS Photography | Sioux Falls Photographer) children photography js photography mini sessions sioux falls children photographer sioux falls family photographer sioux falls photographer sioux falls portrait studio http://www.photographybyjs.net/blog/2018/6/melon-minis-js-photography-sioux-falls-photographer Mon, 18 Jun 2018 00:37:20 GMT
Karen + Sam: Engagement Photographer >>> Downtown Sioux Falls, SD http://www.photographybyjs.net/blog/2018/6/karen-sam-engagement-photographer-downtown-sioux-falls-sd I am so in love with this session! It was so great to get outside and shoot again, we had such a beautiful evening and I couldn't have asked for things to go better. We did a bit of walking to get from one spot to the next but it was so worth it. Karen and Sam are so much fun to be around and I am so thankful they found me and I have the opportunity to work with them and document this special time! 

This session took place in downtown Sioux Falls. We walked the bike trails a bit to get these gorgeous bridge shots and then headed back to the river walk for a few photos as well. We ended the session at Monks -one of my fave places to grab a tasty beer! 

Check out this sweet engagement session! If you are engaged or looking for a photographer I would love to hear from you! 
engaged couple looking at each other with trees and old train bridge in the backgroundwedding-engagment-sioux-falls-photographer-061 beautiful couple near downtown sioux falls bike trails in romantic engagement photos with JS Photographywedding-engagment-sioux-falls-photographer-062 soon to be married couple walking together holding hands with trees and bridge in the backgroundwedding-engagment-sioux-falls-photographer-063 man and women holding each other close for sweet engagement photos with train bridge in the background and the sun beaming downwedding-engagment-sioux-falls-photographer-064 couple looking at each other with sun beam shining down on themwedding-engagment-sioux-falls-photographer-065 couple smiling at each other with sun beaming down on them and bridge nature scenery in the backgroundwedding-engagment-sioux-falls-photographer-066

Just look at that!! I was so excited about capturing these images! Such a sweet, beautiful couple sharing a moment.. smiling at each other and that sun just beaming down on them. Yes, please! 

engagement photos with couple leaning on a tree off downtown Sioux Falls bike trailswedding-engagment-sioux-falls-photographer-068 engagment portraits under an old train bridge on downtown Sioux Falls bike trails with beautiful couplewedding-engagment-sioux-falls-photographer-069 engaged couple dancing on the bike trails downtown Sioux Falls with JS Photographywedding-engagment-sioux-falls-photographer-070 sweet couple taking photos on bridge in downtown Sioux Fallswedding-engagment-sioux-falls-photographer-071 gorgeous couple photos for downtown sioux falls engagement shoot with river and bridge in the backgroundwedding-engagment-sioux-falls-photographer-072 romantic portrait of engaged couple almost kissing with the river and cityscape in the backgroundwedding-engagment-sioux-falls-photographer-073 couple gazing into each others eyes with womans hand on the back of fiancées head showing off the ringwedding-engagment-sioux-falls-photographer-074 sioux falls downtown riverfront engagement photo on stairs with couple sitting together wedding-engagment-sioux-falls-photographer-075 couple sharing a moment standing in front of pink flowering tree downtown sioux falls sdwedding-engagment-sioux-falls-photographer-076 ring shot with ring propped between beer glasses and couple toasting at downtown sioux falls pun monkswedding-engagment-sioux-falls-photographer-077

Perfect ending to a perfect session! I loved hanging out with these two so much and can not WAIT for their wedding day this coming fall!

(JS Photography | Sioux Falls Photographer) engagement photographer js photography midwest bride sioux falls engagement photographer sioux falls photographer sioux falls portrait studio sioux falls wedding photographer south dakota wedding south dakota wedding photographer http://www.photographybyjs.net/blog/2018/6/karen-sam-engagement-photographer-downtown-sioux-falls-sd Sat, 16 Jun 2018 19:36:34 GMT
TINSLEY : Sioux Falls Newborn Photographer >>> Harrisburg, SD http://www.photographybyjs.net/blog/2018/6/tinsley-in-home-newborn-session-lifestyle-harrisburg-sd Miss Tinsley was a complete angel baby for me <3 I had such an amazing session with this beautiful babe and can't wait to share some of my favorites with you!

This was a little different for me in that it did not take place in studio. I packed up my set and brought it straight to my clients home and it was great!

I did my normal 3-5 set ups and then we wrapped up the session with a few more lifestyle images in the nursery. This is also a fun addition to doing in home newborn sessions!

Newborns sessions are so sweet. Your fresh babe changes and grows so fast and those tiny features aren't so tiny for very long. Are you expecting? I would love to hear from you!! 

Just take a look at precious Tinsley!

newborn baby girl wrapped in pink on a pink fur for photo session with JS Photography Sioux Falls, SD Newborn-sioux-falls-photographer-001 newborn photographer session in home with baby girl wrapped up and sitting on pink furNewborn-sioux-falls-photographer-002 baby girl sleeping on a  pink fur all bundled up in pink wearing a knit bonnetNewborn-sioux-falls-photographer-003 white wood board floor with crate stuffed with a vintage quilt snuggling newborn baby girl Newborn-sioux-falls-photographer-005 newborn wrapped in vintage quilt laying in a crate on a white wood backdropNewborn-sioux-falls-photographer-006 black and white portrait of newborn girl laying in crate wrapped in vintage quiltNewborn-sioux-falls-photographer-007 Sioux Falls newborn photographer with in home baby girl session, mint green wrap laying in vintage wash bowl with white wood backdropNewborn-sioux-falls-photographer-008 baby girl in all cream with wrap and fur, all snuggled in and relaxed for newborn portraitsNewborn-sioux-falls-photographer-009 collage of all the squishy new baby, little fingers and toes, pouty lips and precious profileNewborn-sioux-falls-photographer-010

All those fresh baby features <3 <3 tiny fingers and toes, pouty lips and precious profile.

white fur backdrop with newborn girl wrapped in baby blue with flower headband, brown wood background with vintage quilt buttons and wood bowlNewborn-sioux-falls-photographer-011

I love the look of a little girl in baby blue, I think she looks so sweet!

I did this brown wood board set up with the vintage fabric layer and wooden bowl that I love... Tinsley had woken up but was so relaxed and I was able to capture this image with her eyes open. I only got a few from this set but I was obsessed with them and just had to include one in this post because I think it may be my favorite from the entire session. She is just so squishy and beautiful!

lifestyle newborn in home, baby girl in nursery laying in crib with elephant beddingNewborn-sioux-falls-photographer-012 newborn girl laying in crib for lifestyle session with JS PhotographyNewborn-sioux-falls-photographer-013 nursery photos from newborn lifestyle sessionNewborn-sioux-falls-photographer-014

(JS Photography | Sioux Falls Photographer) children photography js photography lifestyle photographer newborn photographer newborn photography sioux falls children photographer sioux falls family photographer sioux falls newborn photographer sioux falls photographer sioux falls portrait studio http://www.photographybyjs.net/blog/2018/6/tinsley-in-home-newborn-session-lifestyle-harrisburg-sd Sat, 16 Jun 2018 18:59:33 GMT
Elise : Rock Valley Community School >>> Downtown Sioux Falls, SD http://www.photographybyjs.net/blog/2018/6/elise Elise was a blast to photograph! She was a natural in front if the camera... relaxed, go with the flow and easy to direct. I love that she has her own sense of style and she lets that shine through!

This session took place in downtown Sioux Falls, SD. I always ask my client if they have any requests for location.. what kind of feel they would like the session to have. Elise wanted the downtown, urban feel so I went with an edgier alley and then ended on a parking ramp. She had also said that she wanted to include her ukulele and longboard and that she was wanting to use smoke sticks for a few photos. I was more then happy to include those personal touches and get creative! I love when clients want to include props that show a little piece of themselves. 

Here are a few highlights from Elise's 2hr senior session- I hope you enjoy! 

If you are interesting in booking your session I would love to chat!

Senior girl in downtown urban setting, alley way with red brick and metal staircasesenior-sioux-falls-photographer-027 downtown alley metal stairs with senior girl wearing flannel senior-sioux-falls-photographer-028 downtown Sioux Falls alley for urban feel senior photos, girl with short curly hair wearing flannel topsenior-sioux-falls-photographer-029 girl standing in downtown alley for senior photo with JS Photography in Sioux Fallssenior-sioux-falls-photographer-030 downtown Sioux Falls with senior girl leaning against a brick building in alleysenior-sioux-falls-photographer-031 senior girl holding blue smoke stick walking through downtown alley, smoke photographysenior-sioux-falls-photographer-033 white smoke photography for senior girl session downtown Sioux Falls and girl sitting on parking garage floor wearing converse holding guitarsenior-sioux-falls-photographer-034 senior playing guitar on rooftop of parking garagesenior-sioux-falls-photographer-035 girl posing with skateboard on parking garage rooftop for senior photossenior-sioux-falls-photographer-036 senior girl sitting on skateboard on parking ramp with city skyline in backgroundsenior-sioux-falls-photographer-037

(JS Photography | Sioux Falls Photographer) js photography midwest senior senior photographer sioux falls photographer sioux falls portrait studio sioux falls senior photographer south dakota http://www.photographybyjs.net/blog/2018/6/elise Fri, 08 Jun 2018 20:28:18 GMT
2019 JSP Senior Model Team >>> Sioux Falls, SD http://www.photographybyjs.net/blog/2018/6/2019-jsp-senior-model-team-sioux-falls-sd I would like to introduce the 2019 Senior Model Team! 

I had so much fun planning this spring group model session! I love shooting in nature areas and thought it would be so much fun to build a small fire and roast some marshmallows.. camping theme for the win! 

We scheduled the session for mid May thinking spring would surely be in full swing.. we did have some nice green to work with but ended up with a rainy, cold day! That is quite alright, I think the overcast day added a darker, moody feel to the images and is fitting for the theme. 

The flannel, vests and boots/converse are the perfect touch to bring in the style of the great outdoors.

Keep on scrolling to check out the images from this camping themed shoot and an introduction to the team! 


BAILEY + Hills-Beaver Creek 

CORBIN + Tea Area

MADISEN + Central Lyon

I have enjoyed getting to know each of these seniors so far and can't wait for their individual sessions coming up! They are such a fun group and I am so grateful to have them on the JSP model team. Stay tuned for some amazing sessions to come! 


Shoutout to Leslie Kinross Wright for the gorgeous boho braids, hair styling on both girls and makeup on Madisen.

Rachel Christensen did a beautiful job on Bailey's makeup.

blonde senior girl with braided hair wearing vest, flannel shirt, jeans and boots standing nears trees with willow branches surroundingsenior-model-sioux-falls-photographer-049 senior girl with boho braid in hair standing in willow tree branchessenior-model-sioux-falls-photographer-050 photo taken in nature area filled with greenery and trees for senior photo session with JS Photographysenior-model-sioux-falls-photographer-051 camping theme senior model session with boy sitting on canoe with kayaks stacked in backgroundsenior-model-sioux-falls-photographer-053 senior boy wearing black jacket and jeans with converse shoes looking at the river senior-model-sioux-falls-photographer-054 boy standing in tree filled nature area for senior photo senior-model-sioux-falls-photographer-055 senior model posing for photo with JS Photography wearing red flannel senior-model-sioux-falls-photographer-056 girl sitting on a bridge path for senior model session senior-model-sioux-falls-photographer-057 senior girl posing with background of evergreen needles showing boho braidsenior-model-sioux-falls-photographer-058 senior model team posing for JS Photography in nature area surrounded by trees for camping themed sessionsenior-model-sioux-falls-photographer-059 senior models sitting around a fire making smores for camping themed shootsenior-model-sioux-falls-photographer-060

(JS Photography | Sioux Falls Photographer) js photography sd photographer senior photographer sioux falls photographer sioux falls portrait studio sioux falls senior photographer south dakota senior photographer http://www.photographybyjs.net/blog/2018/6/2019-jsp-senior-model-team-sioux-falls-sd Tue, 05 Jun 2018 18:55:41 GMT
VEYDA: 1 YR Old! +Family >>> Outdoor Campus Sioux Falls, SD http://www.photographybyjs.net/blog/2018/5/one-year-and-family-outdoor-campus-sioux-falls-sd I am back again! Time to play some catch up and get my act together over here on the blog front. There are a few sessions from the past year that I will be showcasing here and then I will be back to current sessions.

I loved how these images came out! I was so excited to be photographing this cute family again!

We went to the Outdoor Campus here in Sioux Falls -I love that you can get quite a few different backdrops within a small area.. tall grass, paths, trees, fence, etc. It is such a neat space! 

Family photos are always great to incorporate within a one year milestone session. We started off with taking a few sets of family then went to some of just the kiddos and then focused in on Veyda. Like with most one year sessions we did a cake smash finale! Veyda was good in the beginning, although not overly excited, then she was definitely not okay with the situation (see photo below)! Thats okay, less cake smashed more dessert to take home ;-)

Keep on scrolling to check out this session! Contact me if you are interested in booking your outdoor family session or if you just want to chat --I would love to hear from you!! -Jackie


family of four sitting in tall grass Ashley-Sioux-Falls-Children-Family-Photographer (1) family cuddling laying in grassAshley-Sioux-Falls-Children-Family-Photographer (2) siblings, brother and sister sitting in tall grassAshley-Sioux-Falls-Children-Family-Photographer (3) mother and daughter, baby girl looking over moms shoulderAshley-Sioux-Falls-Children-Family-Photographer (4) little girl sitting on stool in grass for one year photosAshley-Sioux-Falls-Children-Family-Photographer (5) one year girl standing in grass leaning on white crateAshley-Sioux-Falls-Children-Family-Photographer (6) girl standing in grass walking in-between mom and dad holding handsAshley-Sioux-Falls-Children-Family-Photographer (7) big brother standing with hands in pockets in grass nature areaAshley-Sioux-Falls-Children-Family-Photographer (8)

girl sitting on blanket in grassAshley-Sioux-Falls-Children-Family-Photographer (9) one year session girl sitting on blanket in nature areaAshley-Sioux-Falls-Children-Family-Photographer (10) one year session cake smash purple cake and tutuAshley-Sioux-Falls-Children-Family-Photographer (11) one year cake smash sessionAshley-Sioux-Falls-Children-Family-Photographer (12) family of four photo session in nature areaAshley-Sioux-Falls-Children-Family-Photographer  

(JS Photography | Sioux Falls Photographer) children photography js photography milestone session one year session outdoor campus sioux falls children photographer sioux falls family photographer sioux falls photographer sioux falls portrait studio http://www.photographybyjs.net/blog/2018/5/one-year-and-family-outdoor-campus-sioux-falls-sd Fri, 25 May 2018 21:22:04 GMT
JACE: holding head up >>> Milestone session, studio Sioux Falls, SD http://www.photographybyjs.net/blog/2018/5/jace-holding-head-up-milestone-session-studio-sioux-falls-sd 6 mo session with JS PhotographyJace-Sioux-Falls-Baby-Family-Photographer (1) 3 month session with JS PhotographyJace-Sioux-Falls-Baby-Family-Photographer (2) baby boy laying on blue fur for grow with me milestone sessionJace-Sioux-Falls-Baby-Family-Photographer (3) baby laying in basket with white wood backdropJace-Sioux-Falls-Baby-Family-Photographer (4) baby wrapped in grey blanket laying in metal bowl on a white wood backdropJace-Sioux-Falls-Baby-Family-Photographer (5) baby laying in white wood box on wooden backdrop Jace-Sioux-Falls-Baby-Family-Photographer (6) milestone session baby laying on tummy holding head up laying on knit layer on white wood backdropJace-Sioux-Falls-Baby-Family-Photographer (7) baby milestone session with JS PhotographyJace-Sioux-Falls-Baby-Family-Photographer (8)

(JS Photography | Sioux Falls Photographer) 3mo session children photography js photography milestone session newborn photographer sioux falls children photographer sioux falls family photographer sioux falls newborn photographer sioux falls photographer sioux falls portrait studio http://www.photographybyjs.net/blog/2018/5/jace-holding-head-up-milestone-session-studio-sioux-falls-sd Wed, 09 May 2018 19:08:54 GMT
Sam+Mark >>> Fall South Dakota Wedding, Vermillion, Elk Point http://www.photographybyjs.net/blog/2018/2/sam-mark-fall-south-dakota-wedding-vermillion-elk-point Sam and Mark had the most beautiful fall wedding day. We had an overcast day which allowed us to take full advantage of the location and really let the gorgeous fall colors shine. 

It is always such an honor to have a couple choose me and trust me to capture their day. These two are such a sweet couple and I am so excited to share these images with all of you!

black and white photos of bride putting necklace on in front of window for getting ready shotsSame-Engagement-Sioux-Falls-Wedding-Photographer (1) wedding details, ring shot and dress photosSame-Engagement-Sioux-Falls-Wedding-Photographer (32) wedding bouquet, ring shot flowers in fall leavesSame-Engagement-Sioux-Falls-Wedding-Photographer bride getting dressed, mother of the bride zipping the dress and bridal portrait on a bench Same-Engagement-Sioux-Falls-Wedding-Photographer (2) bride and groom getting ready for the first look, beautiful fall color weddingSame-Engagement-Sioux-Falls-Wedding-Photographer (3) bride tapping the grooms shoulder to turn for the first look and the sweet couple sharing a special momentSame-Engagement-Sioux-Falls-Wedding-Photographer (4) wedding couple posing for a photo surrounded by fall leaves and treesSame-Engagement-Sioux-Falls-Wedding-Photographer (5) beautiful wedding couple portraitSame-Engagement-Sioux-Falls-Wedding-Photographer (6) bride and groom couple photos under arch with fall leavesSame-Engagement-Sioux-Falls-Wedding-Photographer (7) bridal portrait and close up shot of wedding dressSame-Engagement-Sioux-Falls-Wedding-Photographer (8) bridal profile headshot with stunning bride looking down her shoulder Same-Engagement-Sioux-Falls-Wedding-Photographer (9) bridal portraits with JS PhotographySame-Engagement-Sioux-Falls-Wedding-Photographer (10) couple photos for fall South Dakota wedding Same-Engagement-Sioux-Falls-Wedding-Photographer (11) bridal portrait with couple standing in front of lake with refections of the treesSame-Engagement-Sioux-Falls-Wedding-Photographer (12) bride with bridesmaids in front of fall color tree lineSame-Engagement-Sioux-Falls-Wedding-Photographer (13) bridal party standing in leaves with fall trees in backgroundSame-Engagement-Sioux-Falls-Wedding-Photographer (14) silly bridal party photos with everyone walking and cheering for the bride and groom kissingSame-Engagement-Sioux-Falls-Wedding-Photographer (15) groom with groomsmen fall nature photos Same-Engagement-Sioux-Falls-Wedding-Photographer (16) wedding formal family portraits in nature locationSame-Engagement-Sioux-Falls-Wedding-Photographer (17) mother of bride placing veil in brides hairSame-Engagement-Sioux-Falls-Wedding-Photographer (18) bride walking down isle and father giving bride awaySame-Engagement-Sioux-Falls-Wedding-Photographer (19) couple standing in front of church for unity sand ceremonySame-Engagement-Sioux-Falls-Wedding-Photographer (20) bride and groom exchanging vows and ringsSame-Engagement-Sioux-Falls-Wedding-Photographer (21) wedding ceremony first kissSame-Engagement-Sioux-Falls-Wedding-Photographer (22) black and white portrait of bride and groom first kissSame-Engagement-Sioux-Falls-Wedding-Photographer (23) wedding reception table centerpieces, decorations and wedding cakeSame-Engagement-Sioux-Falls-Wedding-Photographer (24) bride and groom being announced into reception and the bridal party at the head table, rustic fall South Dakota weddingSame-Engagement-Sioux-Falls-Wedding-Photographer (25) maid of honor giving speech Same-Engagement-Sioux-Falls-Wedding-Photographer (26) head table speeches, fall rustic weddingSame-Engagement-Sioux-Falls-Wedding-Photographer (27) bride and groom during cake cutting, rustic wedding decor with sunflowers, cake table and cupcakesSame-Engagement-Sioux-Falls-Wedding-Photographer (28) bride and groom first danceSame-Engagement-Sioux-Falls-Wedding-Photographer (29) black and white portraits of bride and groom first dance, lights and burlap in backgroundSame-Engagement-Sioux-Falls-Wedding-Photographer (30) bride and groom dance, rustic wedding decorSame-Engagement-Sioux-Falls-Wedding-Photographer (31)

(JS Photography | Sioux Falls Photographer) js photography midwest bride sioux falls photographer sioux falls wedding photographer south dakota wedding photographer wedding photographer http://www.photographybyjs.net/blog/2018/2/sam-mark-fall-south-dakota-wedding-vermillion-elk-point Mon, 05 Feb 2018 20:25:50 GMT
KOBY: senior >>> Downtown, Perry Nature, bike trails Sioux Falls, SD http://www.photographybyjs.net/blog/2018/1/koby-senior-downtown-perry-nature-bike-trails-sioux-falls-sd Another post full of senior goodness! 

Koby's first session started off downtown Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We stopped in several nooks that I had scouted out including a metal staircase, brick buildings, alleys and a fun vine wall for a pop of greenery. Koby had requested we take some photos at Falls Park as well so that was our next stop.

The second session took place in September so we were getting into some of those beautiful fall colors but still had a lot of nice greenery. This time around we focused on all nature locations starting at Perry Nature Area and then heading to the Sioux Falls bike trails to wrap up.

We are now taking applications for our 2019 Senior Model Team! If you would like to apply contact Jackie today to get all the details! Applications are due by March 1st. We would love to hear from you! 

senior boy downtown session sitting on red metal staircase and leaning against brick wallKoby-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (1) senior leaning against brick building wearing blue shirt crossing armsKoby-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (2) downtown Sioux Falls senior boy sessionKoby-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (3) Koby-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (4)Koby-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (4) boy standing in alley downtown Sioux Falls senior photographerKoby-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (5) senior guy wearing blue shirt standing by vine wall and wood grainKoby-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (6) downtown senior guy JS PhotographyKoby-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (7) falls park senior boy sitting on rockKoby-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (8) senior sitting on rocks at falls parkKoby-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (9) senior standing in front of the falls at falls parkKoby-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (10) falls park senior photo sessionKoby-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (11) senior sitting in grass nature areaKoby-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (12) boy sitting on rocks in water nature areaKoby-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (14) senior guy leaning against wooden fence in nature areaKoby-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (15) Koby-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (18)Koby-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (18) senior boy sitting in grass fall sessionKoby-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (19) Koby-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (20)Koby-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (20) senior boy fall session nature area standing in grass with fall color treesKoby-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (21) Koby-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (22)Koby-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (22) senior guy standing under bridge Sioux Falls bike trailsKoby-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (23) leaning against bridge Sioux Falls bike trailKoby-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (24) Koby-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (25)Koby-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (25) senior boy standing on bridgeKoby-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (26)

(JS Photography | Sioux Falls Photographer) js photography photographer" senior senior photos sioux falls photographer sioux falls portrait studio sioux falls senior photographer south dakota http://www.photographybyjs.net/blog/2018/1/koby-senior-downtown-perry-nature-bike-trails-sioux-falls-sd Thu, 25 Jan 2018 22:22:01 GMT
H Family >> Downtown Sioux Falls, SD http://www.photographybyjs.net/blog/2018/1/h-family-downtown-sioux-falls-sd Taking you back to sweet summertime with a peek into this cute family session!

I have had the honor of photographing this family several times over the last few years and they have become friends- I love every chance I get to see them and they are just the sweetest! 

We had a great time wondering around downtown to get a few different background locations and I love how these came out!

  black and white portrait family of four in front of concrete wall downtownShawna-Sioux-Falls-Family-Photographer family photos in front of brick wall downtown sioux fallsShawna-Sioux-Falls-Family-Photographer (1) little girl posing in front of corrugated metal door downtown sioux fallsShawna-Sioux-Falls-Family-Photographer (2) little girl posing in front of metal door in a downtown alleyShawna-Sioux-Falls-Family-Photographer (3) mom and dad posing in alley with brick in the background and sunlight beamingShawna-Sioux-Falls-Family-Photographer (4) family of four standing in open parking area in downtown alley with staircase and brick building in backgroundShawna-Sioux-Falls-Family-Photographer (5) family of four sitting on concrete step in front of metal staircase and doorShawna-Sioux-Falls-Family-Photographer (6) family portrait in front of rusty metal wall of circles downtownShawna-Sioux-Falls-Family-Photographer (7)

(JS Photography | Sioux Falls Photographer) children photography js photography sioux falls children photographer sioux falls family photographer sioux falls photographer http://www.photographybyjs.net/blog/2018/1/h-family-downtown-sioux-falls-sd Sun, 14 Jan 2018 00:11:27 GMT
Winter Lifestyle >> Sioux Falls, SD http://www.photographybyjs.net/blog/2018/1/winter-lifestyle-sioux-falls-sd Don't these photos just give you all the weekend vibes?! I know I would especially like to be cozied up in a comfy bed during a day like today with this South Dakota winter weather!

I snapped a few photos of my two little red-headed boys, still in pjs, being crazy and playing in bed. I love these two cool kids that make me a boy mama more then anything! Having sweet photos like these mean the world to me. I am really working on putting the phone down and capturing more of this at home life on my big camera. #goals 

This was just me taking photos for maybe 10 min while they played but it is a great example of what a lifestyle session looks like! Beautifully captured photos of your loved ones surrounded by the things you love. These images are meant to be sentimental, show emotion and create memories. 

Although any time of year is great, right now is the perfect time to book a lifestyle session... I mean who wants to take photos outside in this weather?! 

Contact me if you would like to chat more about lifestyle sessions or get on the calendar. Let's create memories!
boy in grey pajamas laying on white bedBoys-Lifestyle-Sioux-Falls-Children-Family-Photographer (1) brothers tickling each other in bedBoys-Lifestyle-Sioux-Falls-Children-Family-Photographer (2) boy in pjs jumping in bedBoys-Lifestyle-Sioux-Falls-Children-Family-Photographer (3) red haired boy cuddled in bedBoys-Lifestyle-Sioux-Falls-Children-Family-Photographer (4) brothers wearing pjs playing in bedBoys-Lifestyle-Sioux-Falls-Children-Family-Photographer

(JS Photography | Sioux Falls Photographer) children photography falls js photography lifestyle lifestyle photographer lifestyle photography photographer" sioux sioux falls children photographer sioux falls family photographer sioux falls portrait studio http://www.photographybyjs.net/blog/2018/1/winter-lifestyle-sioux-falls-sd Sat, 13 Jan 2018 20:16:11 GMT
GRAYSON: 4 years old! >> Train Themed Session Sioux Falls, SD http://www.photographybyjs.net/blog/2018/1/grayson-4-years-old-train-themed-session-sioux-falls-sd How fun is this train themed session for adorable Grayson?!

I had a blast planning this session, finding the perfect location and then seeing it all come to life! I love documenting all milestone sessions from those during your child's first year (newborn, sitting up, etc) and continuing on to each birthday. It's so fun to have portraits like these to look back on.. seeing your child change from year to year and even including some of their favorites into the session. 

Mom really wanted the main focus to be capturing Grayson with all things train to really showcase what he is into at this stage. Right away I knew I wanted to find a location that had a train car/track. They can be hard to come by so I was excited to find this museum display near Sioux Falls. We did most of the images here and then ended with a few more traditional portraits in some tall grass. 

little boy dressed as conductor standing on a train carGrayson-Sioux-Falls-Children-Family-Photographer (1) train themed portrait session for four year old boyGrayson-Sioux-Falls-Children-Family-Photographer (2) four year old boy dressed in train gear for styled photo sessionGrayson-Sioux-Falls-Children-Family-Photographer (3) 4 year old boy wearing conductor hat playing with train while sitting on brick paversGrayson-Sioux-Falls-Children-Family-Photographer (4) boy wearing train gear laying on brick pavers next to toys trains arranged in the number fourGrayson-Sioux-Falls-Children-Family-Photographer (5) little boy standing next to an orange train car dressed in overalls and conductor hatGrayson-Sioux-Falls-Children-Family-Photographer (6) little boy walking on train tracks for styled sessionGrayson-Sioux-Falls-Children-Family-Photographer (7) little boy wearing overalls and conductor hat sitting on station bench holding a train Grayson-Sioux-Falls-Children-Family-Photographer (8) little boy playing with train on a benchGrayson-Sioux-Falls-Children-Family-Photographer (9) child sitting on wooden bench holding a train and wearing a conductor hatGrayson-Sioux-Falls-Children-Family-Photographer (10) four year portraits of little boy standing in tall grassGrayson-Sioux-Falls-Children-Family-Photographer (11) 4 year portraits of little boy standing grass with a number four and leaning on a vintage step ladderGrayson-Sioux-Falls-Children-Family-Photographer (12)

(JS Photography | Sioux Falls Photographer) children photography js photography sioux falls children photographer sioux falls family photographer sioux falls photographer sioux falls portrait studio http://www.photographybyjs.net/blog/2018/1/grayson-4-years-old-train-themed-session-sioux-falls-sd Sat, 13 Jan 2018 19:45:59 GMT
ALISSA: Woonsocket High School >> Nature, Downtown, Bridge in Sioux Falls, SD http://www.photographybyjs.net/blog/2018/1/alissa-woonsocket-high-school-sioux-falls-sd Meet Alissa! She is a gorgeous 2018 senior at Woonsocket High School and I had the honor of taking her senior portraits! 

We had such a great time! Alissa had split her package into two different sessions so we had one in the summer and the other in the fall. She really wanted photos taken in water, some nature, some downtown and had requested a few in front of a teal door. I was more then happy to put all of the above ideas into action! We also included her sports jersey tops and her adorable puppy in a few shots. 

Keep on scrolling to view Alissa's beautiful senior portraits!

senior girl in white dress sitting in tall grass for sioux falls nature sessionAlissa-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (1) senior girl in white dress standing in grass with purple flowers and sunlight beaming through the treesAlissa-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (2) beautiful senior wearing dress in tall grass with purple flowers for nature photo sessionAlissa-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (3) sitting in a field of purple flower tall grass for senior photoAlissa-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (4) girl standing in shallow water for senior photo session with JS Photography Alissa-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (5) glowing sunset shining on senior girl sitting on a rock in water Alissa-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (6) girl in white shorts and blue off the should top standing next to a vine wall with orange flowers for senior portraitAlissa-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (7) beautiful senior girl looking over her shoulder with hands in hair standing in front of vine wall with orange flowersAlissa-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (8) girl sitting on step in front of teal door downtown sioux falls for senior portraitAlissa-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (9) senior portrait downtown sioux falls with girl standing on bridge in floral dress with buildings in the backgroundAlissa-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (10) standing in grass under bridge downtown sioux falls for senior girl portraitAlissa-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (11) senior girl photography downtown sioux falls Alissa-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (12) senior portrait with sports shirts laying in grassAlissa-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (14) fall senior portrait with girl in maroon dress standing in trees with golden leavesAlissa-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (16) girl standing in trees full of golden leaves for fall senior photo sessionAlissa-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (17) girl in maroon dress sitting in fall colored grassAlissa-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (18) girl sitting in grass sprinkled with fall leavesAlissa-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (20) senior girl wearing maroon dress laying in the fall leavesAlissa-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (21) girl in grey dress wearing scarf leaning against wooden fence with water in the backgroundAlissa-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (22) Alissa-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (23)Alissa-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (23) senior girl in grey dress and scarf leaning against tree will fall leaves and sun glowing in the backgroundAlissa-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (24) senior girl in grey dress and scarf posing with her puppyAlissa-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (25) beautiful fall senior girl portraits Alissa-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (26) senior girl sitting on rocks with sunlight glowing all around herAlissa-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (27) gorgeous senior girl portraits on a bridge sioux falls sdAlissa-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (28) beautiful sunset senior girl sessionAlissa-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (29) amazing senior girl portraits on bridge in sioux falls sdAlissa-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (31) sioux falls senior photographer JS PhotographyAlissa-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (32) girl in white shirt and jeans sitting in grass at sunset surrounded by golden fall leaves for senior photo sessionAlissa-Sioux-Falls-Senior-Photographer (33)

(JS Photography | Sioux Falls Photographer) js photography sd photographer senior photographer sioux falls photographer sioux falls portrait studio sioux falls senior photographer south dakota senior photographer http://www.photographybyjs.net/blog/2018/1/alissa-woonsocket-high-school-sioux-falls-sd Fri, 12 Jan 2018 18:57:28 GMT
O Family >> Christmas Lifestyle Session Sioux Falls, SD http://www.photographybyjs.net/blog/2018/1/o-family-christmas-lifestyle-session-sioux-falls-sd I had the best time with this Christmas tree trimming lifestyle session! Anything holiday related just gives me all the feels.. I love creating and keeping family traditions myself and being able to document others making these memories together is the best!

If you love these photos and are interested in booking a lifestyle session but not sure what its like or don't have any idea of what you would want, please contact me! I can explain the process and ask questions that may spark ideas (or I have tons of ideas as well ;) ).

mom and daughter showing Christmas ornament in front of tree for holiday lifestyle sessionNicole-lifestyle-Sioux-Falls-family-Photographer winter lifestyle session with little girl watching parents place topper on the tree Nicole-lifestyle-Sioux-Falls-family-Photographer (2) Christmas tree lifestyle session with mom and daughter laughing and playingNicole-lifestyle-Sioux-Falls-family-Photographer (3) mother daughter playing and showing holiday socksNicole-lifestyle-Sioux-Falls-family-Photographer family reading Christmas story under the Christmas tree for holiday lifestyle sessionNicole-lifestyle-Sioux-Falls-family-Photographer (5) Nicole-lifestyle-Sioux-Falls-family-Photographer (6)family singing holiday songs under the Christmas tree for family lifestyle session Nicole-lifestyle-Sioux-Falls-family-Photographer (7)mom with daughter and dad with daughter in front of the Christmas tree Nicole-lifestyle-Sioux-Falls-family-Photographer (8)family Christmas photos in front of tree for winter holiday lifestyle session Nicole-lifestyle-Sioux-Falls-family-Photographer (9)couple photos in front of Christmas tree for lifestyle Christmas session family in front of Christmas tree Nicole-lifestyle-Sioux-Falls-family-Photographer (10) Nicole-lifestyle-Sioux-Falls-family-Photographer (11)winter lifestyle session Nicole-lifestyle-Sioux-Falls-family-Photographerfamily lifestyle session

(JS Photography | Sioux Falls Photographer) children photography js photography lifestyle photographer lifestyle photography sioux falls children photographer sioux falls family photographer sioux falls photographer sioux falls portrait studio http://www.photographybyjs.net/blog/2018/1/o-family-christmas-lifestyle-session-sioux-falls-sd Fri, 05 Jan 2018 21:11:24 GMT
Daniel >> Downtown + Western Bridge Sioux Falls, SD http://www.photographybyjs.net/blog/2017/8/daniel-downtown-western-bridge-sioux-falls-sd Daniels senior session was on a perfect overcast day. Sometimes it is just nice having the freedom to shoot in any location and not have to worry about where the sun is hitting. We started out the session in downtown Sioux Falls, SD and got some great photos! I like to keep things very cool and relaxed for senior boys so we did lots of the traditional brick and concrete backgrounds but then I mixed in a few ivy walls to add some texture and soften things up. I also loved the way this fun blue metal wall popped so we took a few portraits with that as the backdrop. Next we moved to the bridge located at 57th and western for more of a nature vibe. I love how all these images turned out! Daniel did an amazing job during his session and it was so much fun having him in front of my camera. He transitioned just naturally from pose to pose. We ended this senior session with his sports photos. I had a blast being creative and taking some fun images to highlight Daniels love for soccer. 

Thanks for visiting! If you would like to see more of my work feel free to visit my site www.photographybyjs.net and browse the galleries.  senior session with JS Photographyhigh school senior boy sitting on steps downtown sioux falls senior boy photographyboy sitting on steps in front of building in downtown sioux falls for senior photo session downtown sioux falls senior sessionstanding in front on rock wall leaning against railing for senior photos portrait session sioux falls sdhigh school senior standing in front of green ivy wall downtown sioux falls for session with JS Photography brick senior boy portraitdowntown sioux falls sd senior boy sitting next to brick wall JS Photography senior photographerbrick wall backdrop for senior boy session downtown sioux falls sioux falls sd photographersenior boy standing in front of brick wall during photo session with JS Photography downtown senior session sioux fallsblack metal staircase downtown sioux falls with senior boy sitting for photo sd senior photographersenior boy leaning against blue metal wall for photo session with JS Photography SD senior photographerhead shot of senior boy in front of blue metal wall vine senior photography sdboy standing next to vine wall for senior photos in sioux falls sd brick senior portrait downtown sioux fallssenior boy sitting by brick wall for photo session JS Photography senior photographer sddowntown building in background for senior photo in sioux falls sd sd senior photographer downtown sessiondowntown location for senior boy photo session with JS Photography senior boy portrait JS Photographyurban downtown senior boy session sioux falls sd black and white portrait senior photographersenior boy photography downtown urban portrait sioux falls sd senior photographer sioux falls sdbridge and water background for senior boy session sioux falls sd nature session senior photographerclose head shot for senior boy portrait with nature background senior boy session nature sioux falls sdnature portrait for senior boy with grass background JS Photography sd senior photographertrees nature background for senior boy session in sioux falls sd with JS Photography senior boy photographysenior boy sitting on rocks for portrait with JS Photography sioux falls senior photographerssenior boy headshot with bridge and water background sioux falls sd bridge senior boy photographysioux falls sd bridge for senior boy photo session with JS Photography senior sports photographysoccer photography for senior boy session in sioux falls sd soccer senior photossoccer goal net with senior boy for photo session with JS Photography senior boy soccersports senior photography in sioux falls sd with boy standing next to soccer goal

(JS Photography | Sioux Falls Photographer) js photography sd photographer senior photographer sioux falls photographer sioux falls portrait studio http://www.photographybyjs.net/blog/2017/8/daniel-downtown-western-bridge-sioux-falls-sd Wed, 02 Aug 2017 18:09:56 GMT
Tinley: Children Session>> Studio Sioux Falls, SD http://www.photographybyjs.net/blog/2017/7/tinley-three-year-session-studio-sioux-falls-sd Miss Tinley has turned three!! I cannot believe how fast time flies! I have been taking photos of this cutie pie since she was born and it is such an honor to continue to document her growing and changing from year to year. Tinley's session took place in studio here in Sioux Falls. We did a few different setups and I love the images we got! I love photographing this age and just letting kids have fun and that personality of theirs shine! 

Scroll on down for a few personal quotes from Tinley's mom and some adorable photos! Feel free to visit my site galleries to see more of my work www.photographybyjs.net.

I would love to hear from you in the comments below! 


"Jackie did great with my daughter. She was patient and very accommodating to my 3 year old. She made her feel comfortable allowing her be herself and show her personality."

"I loved how she was able to capture her true personality. She can be shy around people she doesn't know but she looks forward to seeing Jackie now that we have been going to her for years."

"My daughter turned 3 years old. She has grown so much over the last year and we couldn't be happier with how her pictures turned out."

"Jackie has photographed my family for years. She is the most patient person and willing to take the time to capture those special times and moments in our lives. I always recommend her to all my friends and family."

JS Photography children sessionchildren session in studio with white wood backdrop and green wood bench Sioux Falls children photographergreen bench with wood backdrop in studio three year session with JS Photography studio portrait JS Photographystudio portrait session with JS Photography white wood backdrop with three year old girl sioux falls sd portrait photographercute three year old children session in studio sioux falls white wood backdrop sd family photographermilestone three year session with JS Photography in sioux falls sd studio with white wood backdrop JS Photography sioux falls portrait studiothree year girl laying on white wood backdrop in studio portrait session studio sioux falls photographybrown wood backdrop in studio with three year old girl sitting in chair sioux falls sd JS Photographyheadshot studio portrait from children session in sioux falls sd JS Photography children sessiongirl sitting on vintage chair with natural brown wood backdrop in studio portrait session three year photo sessionchildren photo session in sioux falls sd in studio with JS Photography girl sitting on brown wood backdrop sioux falls lifestyle photographerlifestyle candid images from three year photo session in sioux falls sd girl on white bed sioux falls studio photographergirl dancing in studio for children session with JS Photography natural light sioux falls photographergirl standing by window with lace curtain during natural light studio session in sd sioux falls natural light photographernatural light studio session with JS Photography children photographer girl standing next to window with lace sheer



(JS Photography | Sioux Falls Photographer) children photography js photography sioux falls children photographer sioux falls family photographer sioux falls photographer sioux falls portrait studio http://www.photographybyjs.net/blog/2017/7/tinley-three-year-session-studio-sioux-falls-sd Wed, 26 Jul 2017 17:31:40 GMT
Skylar: Washington High School >> Downtown, Nature & McKennen Park Sioux Falls, SD Senior http://www.photographybyjs.net/blog/2017/7/skylar-washington-high-school-downtown-nature-mckennen-park-sioux-falls-sd-senior Skylar ROCKED her senior session! Total model status here <3 <3 

I could not get enough -she had so many fun outfits, locations and props to include in this session and it was a photographers dream!

We started off downtown Sioux Falls with so many fun locations/backdrops to just give her tons of variety and images to choose from. Next we went a little country and it was so so good! I absolutely love the flowers, boots, different textures and even a few shots with the Sioux Falls skyline in the background. Lastly we went to McKennen Park to showcase her love for tennis. Skylar's mom had made some awesome props and I loved using the different pieces of equipment to make this images pop. We also did a few portraits in the flower gardens and they are oh so beautiful! 

I am so in love with these images and can't wait for you to take a peek! Feel free to comment below and let me know what you think or check out my site gallery www.photographybyjs.net to see more. 

Thanks for being here!
Stunning senior photo of WHS girl standing on storefront walkway downtown Sioux FallsSioux Falls Senior Senior photographer for Sioux Falls area session for high school girl downtown Photographers Sioux Falls SD senior JS Photography senior session downtown sioux falls with girl wearing dress downtown senior session senior girl standing in tall grass in front of grey brick building for senior session downtowngrey brick building senior girl senior photographer session downtown wearing long dress standing in from of grey bricktall grass girl senior photography grey brick building senior session downtown sioux falls with JS Photography SD PhotographerJS Photography senior sioux falls area senior photographer JS Photography with downtown session girl in dress glowing light senior photography beautiful senior girl in front of rusty door downtown sioux fallsrusty door senior photo JS Photography downtown senior session with girl in long dress sioux falls area photographerurban senior photography senior girl sitting on step in front of teal doors downtown sioux falls sdteal door senior girl session pink dress downtown senior sessionred brick building with brown doors and staircase with senior girl wearing pink dress sd senior photographerbridge and water background for senior girl session with JS Photography in downtown sioux falls sd senior girl staircase portraitpink dress senior girl sitting on staircase riverfront downtown sioux falls senior photographer sioux falls area downtown session with bridge and traffic backgrounddowntown scene for senior photography session bridge background for black&white headshot of senior girl downtown sioux falls sdblack&white portrait washington high school senior close up portraits of senior girl sitting on sidewalk leaning against bridge located in sioux falls sd downtown session with JS Photographysenior headshots sioux falls senior girl wearing white dress and cowgirl boots in tall grass and yellow wildflowers with cityscape in backgroundyellow wildflowers senior photographer south dakota senior photographer nature session with girl wearing white dress and boots sitting in yellow wildflowers senior photo with flowers and boots senior girl leaning on fence in country nature country style senior session sioux falls senior girl with cowboy boots laying in grass with fence in backgroundcountry senior photography senior photographer sioux falls area session in country with girl holding banner and close up headshot country senior girl session senior girl wearing white dress and boots leaning against pole with country backgroundJS Photography senior session farm country background for senior girl session in sioux fallssouth dakota model wind senior headshot girl standing in tall grass wearing white dress for senior photo session with JS Photographytall grass senior portrait WHS tennis senior photo at mckennen park sioux falls sdtennis photography JS Photography sport senior photo tennis girl laying on court with gear sport senior photography tennis sport photographer for sioux falls sd senior at court located in mckennen parksenior sport photography girl laying on tennis court surrounded by tennis balls for sports senior photographytennis senior photo JS Photography senior girl standing in park street at sunset for summer sessionstreet park senior photography mckennen park senior session with JS Photography in sioux falls sd girl in denim jacket surrounded by flowerspark photographer sioux falls sd

(JS Photography | Sioux Falls Photographer) country downtown js photography nature park photographer senior session sioux falls tennis whs http://www.photographybyjs.net/blog/2017/7/skylar-washington-high-school-downtown-nature-mckennen-park-sioux-falls-sd-senior Wed, 19 Jul 2017 19:26:25 GMT
Talon: Newborn Studio Session>> Sioux Falls, SD http://www.photographybyjs.net/blog/2017/7/talon-newborn-session-js-photography-sioux-falls-sd Talon is such a handsome little man- I absolutely love how these images turned out!

I have photographed Tinley since she was in mamas tummy and it was so special to see her be such a sweet big sister and love on baby Talon during his session. 

I am in love with newborn photography and documenting this incredible chapter for my clients. This newborn stage comes and goes so fast. Talons session took place in my studio location here in Sioux Falls, SD. We started the session out with big sister sibling photos and went right into the family portion. After we had those wrapped up the rest of the session was all about Talon. 

If you would like to see more of my newborn work feel free to look through the gallery section on www.photographybyjs.net.

Scroll on down and bring on the baby fever! black and white newborn boy portrait with big sister laying on furnewborn session with JS Photography big sister holding newborn boy laying on a cream fur rugSioux Falls newborn photographer newborn boy session with baby held by big sisters laying on fur rugblack and white newborn boy portrait baby boy photographygrey studio backdrop newborn session with JS Photography mom holding newborn boy mom kissing baby boy standing in front of grey studio backdrop mother and son newborn photography JS Photography newborn session black and white image of mom holding newborn boy with a grey studio backdrop Sioux Falls newborn photographersfamily photo on grey studio backdrop for newborn boy session photo session with JS Photography dad holding newborn grey backdrop in studiodad and baby boy newborn session dad holding newborn boy black and white portrait baby boy newborn newborn photo session baby boy on blue backdrop blue backdrop boy newborn JS Photography boy newborn session with sleeping baby on blue backdropSioux Falls photographer newborn session with baby boy on blue backdropsleeping baby boy South Dakota newborn photographyblack&white image of newborn and blue backdrop JS Photography milestone session newborn in studio with blue backdropmilestone session JS Photography baby boy wrapped on blue set in studio for newborn sessionbaby session Sioux Falls grey backdrop milestone baby session in studio Sioux Falls sdnewborn photographer Sioux Falls white natural wood backdrop in studio photography baby boy in bowlbaby boy portrait photography white wood studio backdrop newborn in bowl newborn milestone session JS Photography studio newborn session with JS Photography baby in bowl on white wood backdropSioux Falls newborn photographer

(JS Photography | Sioux Falls Photographer) baby family js photographer milestone newborn photographer sd session sioux falls studio http://www.photographybyjs.net/blog/2017/7/talon-newborn-session-js-photography-sioux-falls-sd Fri, 14 Jul 2017 21:30:47 GMT
Sophie: Lincoln High School >>Sioux Falls Downtown & Nature Senior Session http://www.photographybyjs.net/blog/2017/7/sophie-sioux-falls-downtown-nature-senior-session Highlighting yet another gorgeous senior session from last summer. <3

I had such an amazing time hanging out with Sophie during both parts of her senior photo session. I LOVE love how she styled her shoot -she looked amazing! Sophie had requested very natural photos, some downtown, some nature and just a sprinkle of LHS cheer. She didn't want a ton of different activities or interests showcased just fun laid backed shots, so we did just that. I am in love with these images and can't wait for you to see!

The first session was located at a nature area near Sioux Falls. We walked the trail a bit to get to this beautiful patch of white flowers and then continued on to stop at a few other locations just off the trail. The session ended just before sunset surrounded by sunflowers. I am all about that golden hour light!

The second session was all downtown Sioux Falls. I had scouted out a few locations specifically for Sophie's session and they were absolutely perfect! I love the textures from the steps and pillars at this first building and the secret garden looking iron gate covered in lush vines. I had also spotted a red door that complimented the LHS school colors for the cheerleading shots. We wrapped this session up with taking some photos next to a vine covered brick building. I loved how feminine this whole session was even though we were downtown, which can typically lean towards more urban and edgy. 

I hope you enjoy the scroll through Sophie's session! If you would like to see more please take a peek at my site. I would love to hear from you -leave a comment below and thanks for visiting! 

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